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Logistics Recruitment is a really expensive part of running a business as agency fees can often preclude businesses even employing new staff.

We have a different approach to logistics recruitment as we will help advertise your position over the myriad of social media platforms, CV libraries and databases.  Our package is designed to source Supply Chain Professionals at competitive fees.  Because of our background in the logistics area we have a huge resource of knowledge to know who would be right for your supply chain vacancy to be filled.

For us it is not merely about filling a logistics role, but putting the right person in that role that will help your business grow from strength to strength.

Logistics worker looking at containers
Logistics worker looking at containers

Whether you are an importer or exporter looking for Logistics Staff, a freight forwarder looking to grow your team or a 3PL looking to add value in your warehouse or admin team we are here to help.

Our aim is to connect employers to the right people to meet their needs.

Email us at info@atlasbusiness.org with your job description and leave it to us to source the right logistic candidate.